Company Mochtoys has been established in 1993 by Artur Moch and until now is a family operated company. It has started with minor equipment and only few items in its range.

Nowadays Mochtoys company runs two modern production sites and warehouses and has few hundered items in range – from small beach items, through building blocks, cars, kitchen sets, garages, tricycles, ride-ons up to big garden toys like slides and houses. Our constant growth is the result of hard work, attention to details, well considered investments and commitment of all personnel.
Below we present the main events from the history of Mochtoys:

01.2020 - Launch of new Garden house
In 2020 Mochtoys started to sell new Garden house “Happy house”.
05.2018 - Launch of new Kitchen set
In 2018 Mochtoys started to sell a new line of Kitchen sets “Cooking studio”.
01.2017 - Launch of small Garden house
In 2017 Mochtoys started to sell a Garden house of new design.
01.2016 - Launch of small Slide
For the spring-summer season 2015 Mochtoys has introduced a small Slide of lenght 116cm.
01.2015 - Launch of big Slide
For the spring-summer season 2015 Mochtoys has introduced a big Slide of lenght 180cm.
01.2013 - Launch of small Garden house
After the succesful launch of Garden house in 2011, Mochtoys introduced a smaller version of its Garden house.
01.2011 – Launch of Garden house on the market
In the spring-summer season of 2011 company Mochtoys has launched Garden house of its own design. This item has become the bestseller in Poland and neighbouring countries.
06.2010 – Opening of the new production hall & warehouse in Wola Ducka
Mochtoys has opened the production line for big volume items (sand pits, garden houses, slides). Next to it a warehouse for 3 thousand pallets has been built.
03.2008 - Implementation of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System
In March 2008 company has received a certificate which confirms implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000. It is the proof of highest quality of products and customer service. Each year the system will be audited to ensure the highest standards.
01.2008 – Implementation of BML technology
Company has opened a blow – molding production line which uses BML labels. It gave us a possibility to manufacture bowling sets with decoration.
05.2006 – Award for 10 years of cooperation with Auchan Poland
Mochtoys has been awarded by Auchan Poland for 10 years of effective cooperation. It is the contribution of years of efforts, committment and great sales results of our products.
03.2006 – First license contract
Responding to market demand, Mochtoys has signed its first license contract with Warner Bros. Company. In the following years many famous characters (Spider-Man, Barbie or Scooby-Doo) have been present on Mochtoys’ licensed products.
01.2004 – Implementation of IML technology
Mochtoys has bought and started a production line using in-molded-label (IML) for decoration of its toys. It has been a innovative solution amongst toy manufaturers in Poland. Nowadays IML decorative labels can be found on many products of Mochtoys – buckets, slides or winter items.
08.1999 – Opening of the new headquaters in Otwock
Mochtoys has moved into new headquaters in Otwock. Untill now it is the main office and production site of Mochtoys. Since that day the premises have been enlarged.
26.03.1993 – Establishment of Mochtoys Company
On this date Company Mochtoys has been established. We had only few items in our range and none of us has expected how much we are going to achieve…