How to make a toy?

Safety of toys

All the safety requirements which should be met by toys manufactured and sold in European Union are described in EN71 Norm. It consists of 11 parts, which precisely describe particular issues.

Toys manufactured by Mochtoys are tested according to following parts of the norm:

EN71-1: Mechanical and physical properties

Describes requirements and test methods of mechanical and physical properties of toys. For example – appearance of sharp edges, resistance to breaking when hitting the toys with steel weight.

EN71-2: Flammability

Describes easy flammable materials which can not be used to manufacture toys. I also describes the testing methods of flammability of materials – including the speed of catching fire by the toy.

EN71-3: Migration of certain elements

Describes requirements and test methods of migration (emission) of certain elements from the materials used for production of toys.

EN71–8: Activity toys for domestic use

Describes requirements for activity toys like slides or swings. During the examination for example stability of slides or weight capacity of swings are tested.

For a few years Mochtoys is a proud member of Polish Toys Association. Our representatives take acive part in the work of Association concerning toys regulations and safety.