Ethical codex

Mochtoys places respect for human rights and dignity as a fundamental value of modern society. We make every effort to comply with international ethical standards ETI, BSCI, ICS, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to ensure appropriate working conditions. We are guided by national and international legal regulations and internal rules of conduct.

We communicate our goals and assumptions of the social standards policy to employees, as well as to our suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders. The main principles of the code of ethical conduct at Mochtoys:

1. Voluntary employment

No slave or forced labor, including forced prison labor, is used. Employees are not required to make “deposits” or deposit identification documents with their employer; employees have the right to end their employment after an appropriate notice period.

2. Freedom of association and the right to collective negotiations in terms of employment

Without exception, employees have the right to create and join any trade union and conduct collective negotiations with employers. The employer adopts an open attitude towards the activities of trade unions and their organizational activities. Employee representatives are not discriminated against and are free to exercise representative functions in the workplace.

3. Safe and hygienic working conditions

Employees will be provided with a safe and hygienic working environment, consistent with the current state of knowledge in a given industry and taking into account possible threats. Appropriate actions will be taken to prevent accidents and health damage as a result of, in connection with or during work, by reducing the causes of hazards occurring in the work environment as much as possible.

Employees will receive regular documented occupational health and safety training; such training will be conducted again for new and transferred employees.

Access to clean toilets and drinking water and, where necessary, hygienic food storage facilities will be provided.

4. The company will not use child labor

No recruitment of children will be carried out.

5. Fair pay

Wages and fringe benefits for a standard workweek meet at least the requirements of national legal standards or comparable industry standards, whichever is higher. Regardless, the salary should always be sufficient to meet basic needs and provide some surplus.

All employees will be made aware, in writing and in an understandable form, of their terms and conditions of employment relating to pay: prior to the commencement of employment and, in relation to pay details for the period in question, at each payment.

6. Appropriate working time

Working hours are consistent with national law and comparable industry standards, whichever provides greater protection.

Regardless, employees will not be required to regularly work more than 48 hours a week and will be entitled to an average of at least 1 day off every 7 days. Overtime will be voluntary, will not exceed 12 hours per week, will not be required on a regular basis, and will always be at a higher rate of pay.

7. Prohibition of discrimination

There is no discrimination in employee recruitment, remuneration, access to training, promotions, dismissal and pensions in terms of race, caste, nationality, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political beliefs.

8. Regulated employment relationship

As far as possible, any work performed must be carried out under the terms of a recognized employment relationship under the law and practice of a given country.

An employer will not avoid its obligations to employees under labor or social legislation and relating to a regulated employment relationship by using subcontracting or home-work contracts or apprenticeship/training programs without any real intention to impart skills or secure permanent employment, or by excessive use of fixed-term contracts.

9. Prohibition of inhuman treatment

The use of violence and corporal punishment, the threat of violence, sexual or other harassment, the use of offensive expressions and other forms of intimidation are prohibited.

10. Freedom to submit comments

Employees are free to express their views on employment and working conditions. This may be done in person or anonymously. The company guarantees that persons submitting a suggestion or comment will not suffer any consequences of the report.

11. Taking care of relationships with local communities

We take into account the needs, concerns and aspirations of the local community. We take seriously the responsibility that comes with being a socially conscious company and strive to make a positive impact in the local communities where we live and work.