Quality policy

Policy of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System

Fully aware that the Company’s success depends mainly on meeting the needs and expectations of customers and their satisfaction, our primary goal is to provide products competitive on the market both in terms of quality and price, while respecting the natural environment and ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions.

The goal of our company is:

  • Fast and efficient delivery of the highest quality products, tailored to customer requirements and expectations
  • Building lasting relationships with customers based on their full satisfaction
  • Increased trust of customers and other entities in our company and its trademark
  • Increasing share on the domestic and European market
  • Use the environment economically and reduce pollutio

We achieve our goals through:

  • Continuous improvement of product production technology and modernization of the production line
    Development of an IT management system
  • Risk analysis of all processes in the company and implementation of actions to minimize the effects of potential threats
  • Promoting a process approach to company management
  • Appropriate selection and control of suppliers of materials and semi-finished products
  • Raising the qualifications of employees responsible for product quality and contacts with customers
  • Expanding the assortment with original and visually attractive products at favorable prices
  • Increased turnover and positive financial result of the company, guaranteeing safety and continuous development
  • Limiting the negative impact of the company’s activities on the environment
  • Conducting business in accordance with applicable regulations and legal standards
  • Building a transparent company structure that guarantees the correct flow of information regarding the requirements and expectations of our clients
  • Improving the Quality and Environmental Management System

We set specific goals for individual processes and evaluate them during the Management Review. All employees at all levels of the company are obliged to maintain the quality policy, for which the owner and management of the plant are responsible.

QMS representative: Jakub Masny
Owner: Artur Moch